Frog-Jump-Six Music

Musicians and Credits

Joseph V. Miralles
Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Electric Bass (except 2, 5, 12), Keyboards and Synthesizers

Scott A. Apicelli
Drums and Percussion

Stephen J. Orsini
6-string Electric Bass (on 12, Fretless on 2, 5)

Cheryl S. Fitzgerald
Background Vocals on 2, 4, 6, 8, 13, and Castanets on 6

Songs Written and Arranged by Joseph V. Miralles (BMI)
Published by Frog-Jump-Six Music (BMI)
Produced by: Joseph V. Miralles and Scott A. Apicelli

Audio Engineer: Scott A. Apicelli, Blue Sky Recording, Delmar, NY

Recorded at: Frog-Jump-Six Music, East Greenbush, NY 
Additional Recording at: Blue Sky Recording, Delmar, NY
Digital Editing by: Joseph V. Miralles

Mixed and Mastered by: Scott A. Apicelli, Blue Sky Recording, Delmar, NY

Graphic Design by: Cheryl Lynn F. Herrmann, Oasis CD
CD Manufactured by: Oasis CD Manufacturing
Digital Photography by: Anne M. Miralles and Joseph V. Miralles
(except 1970's dedication and performance photos from Union College, Schenectady, NY)

Special Thanks to:

My family, especially my wife, Anne, and my son and daughter, Peter and Grace, for their support, and my Mom and Dad for my first guitar. 

Scott, for his audio engineering skills, his tasteful drum performances, and his valuable critical comments and ideas. Also, for his kindness and patience in the studio during our mixing and mastering sessions.

Cheryl, for her background vocals and long-time support.

Stephen, for his fine fret-less and fretted electric bass work, and the inspiration to double the guitar line in 5.

Teri Hill for her support and encouragement many years ago when I first began playing and writing, and specifically for helping develop the vocal harmony parts to 1 and 8.

Teri, Kelly Krieger and Suzie Drobeck for helping fashion flute accompaniments to 4, 12, and 13.

Gail Schweigert for her support and her help developing the melodic concepts on 4, 12, and 13.

Paul Castrataro for creating, many years ago in Seville, the original piano introduction to 12, and his recommendations for chord changes and structure for the guitar part in 3.

Cliff Brovermann for ideas and support regarding the guitar parts in various songs... including 10, 11, and 13.

Mike Butler and Phil Lanza, poets at heart, for their support and lyrical contributions over the years.

Pat from the Madrid-Valencia flight December 16th, 1977, for inspiration.

Gary Howard for his advice and ideas regarding "tone".

Also thanks to: The gang from the folk groups all those years ago, my friends from Union College, the members of the various bands with which I have had the opportunity to play, Amy Schweigert, Cathy Pragle, the rest of the folks at Blue Sky Recording Studios, Marion Crain, Richard Lustick, Frank Cicero, and finally, everyone from the old Coromed team, and the old SWRI group, for all helping me out in some way over these many years.